What is the Ten-O Club?

The Ten-O Club is the official booster club of the University of Georgia women's gymnastics team.  The purpose of the Ten-O Booster Club is to build enthusiasm and support for the Gym Dogs, winner of TEN NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS! 

Membership in the Ten-O Booster Club is open to anyone interested in supporting the team.  Click on "Membership" for more information about joining and the promotional items and events that come with each membership level.  Beginning before the season officially starts in the fall and continuing through the NCAA Championship in the spring, the Ten-O Booster Club sponsors a variety of activities to generate enthusiasm and support for Gym Dogs.  Members have several opportunities to interact with and meet the team throughout the season.  Ten-O Booster Club members receive information about these events and insider information about the team in the Ten-O Booster Club Newsletter, and promotional items to show support for the team.  Members are also invited to attend the annual Ten-O booster Club banquet held at the end of the season.

Your support makes a difference!  Join now and help cheer the Gym Dogs!